New Captain Marvel Trailer to Air During Monday Night Football?

Earlier today, we shared a rumor that has been going around about the Avengers 4, Captain Marvel, and Spider-Man: Far From Home trailers. I stated in that post that I don’t think it’s likely we’ll be getting a Far From Home trailer this week, but I do believe we’ll be getting the other 2.

The first part of the rumor is apparently true as it’s being said that the Captain Marvel trailer will be aired tomorrow night during halftime on Monday Night Football. In our previous post, I revealed that I thought we’ll be getting a trailer on Monday and Thursday. However, a new rumor is that the Avengers 4 trailer will come out on Wednesday morning rather than Thursday.

To add to this rumor, Twitter user @mercenary18zx tweeted a video that is possibly an advertisement for tomorrow’s Captain Marvel trailer. That video is embedded below.

Some people have questioned the video, thinking it is an ad for the first trailer that premiered back in September. However, that first trailer aired on Good Morning America, not Monday Night Football. So, this video does have some momentum going for it, but there’s always a chance it may be fake.

I personally believe the video is real due to the ongoing rumor that a trailer is indeed set to be released tomorrow. It’d also make sense to release the Captain Marvel trailer before Avengers 4 as it comes out first, and releasing the trailer first will avoid it being overshadowed by Avengers 4.

What do you think? Is the video real? Are we getting both trailers this week? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @TheRyanBlade or @BladeStudios

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