Avengers: Endgame Super Bowl Big Game TV Spot Review and Reactions

It’s been just a little under 48 hours since the Avengers: Endgame spot premiered during the Super Bowl and I’d like to share some of my thoughts about it with you all.

First off, I absolutely love the tone of the spot. It’s great that Marvel Studios is going all in with the dark and grim in the advertising. It really shows just how bad Thanos’ snap was. It’s not just something they have a fight to make right, serious sacrifices will have to be made because they’re fighting after the worst disaster to the entire universe happened. These trailers shouldn’t be, “Okay guys, get ready to fight. We’re going to beat Thanos” because that’s not what the movie should be. Thanos already won.

Ever since Infinity War, when I’ve seen people speculating on what is going to happen in Endgame, I very rarely hear people talk about the actual outcome of Infinity War. Most people refer to Endgame as part 2 of the story, or say that the Avengers are going to bring the fight to Thanos in Endgame. That’s incorrect. There is no second part to Infinity War. Thanos won. He doesn’t need to fight anymore. The Avengers lost the battle. Now, of course Endgame is a continuation of Infinity War, but it’s not necessarily part 2. This movie is going to be its own story, as The Avengers react to the outcome of Infinity War.

Another thing that I’m enjoying, from both this TV spot and from the first trailer, is that it seems a good portion of the movie is going to deal with how the world would be if half of the population just vanished one day. I was a bit afraid that they might rush through this part and just have the heroes make a plan to somehow fix it, but it looks like they’re going to take some time and explore the effects of the snap, which is phenomenal.

It also seems like Captain America isn’t taking this too well. I mean, I don’t see how anybody would, but especially him. He looks so, so close to just snapping and completely losing his mind and when you think about what he’s gone through, you can completely see why. He lived during WWII, then was asleep for 70 years. He had to learn how to deal with living in a completely different century and was put on this team of superheroes. A couple years go by and he’s starting to feel good about the team, like he’s making friends again and starting to fit in. Then, he finds out his best friend is still alive, but he’s brainwashed and has to deal with that. His connection with Bucky and to his old life is so strong that he was willing to break up the new team he was in with his new friends, just to help his best friend. Then, his best friend dies, goes to dust right in front of him. He’s lost Peggy and Bucky, now all he has is The Avengers. However, half of them have turned to dust and it seems with the other half, he has to reconcile with them because of what he’s done in the past. Cap’s arc in Endgame is going to be insane and I’m so excited for it.

Endgame is just a little over 2 and a half months away and it can’t get here soon enough. Below is the Avengers: Endgame - Big Game TV Spot

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